• Stephen Fry: You all took the Whiteley test, which is a test for hypochondriasis, to test whether or not you are hypochondriacs.
  • David Mitchell: The test was a stupid test, though.
  • Stephen Fry: Tests are, aren't they, as a rule. What was particularly stupid about it?
  • David Mitchell: Well, Every question, you had to answer 1 to 3, 4, 5. And 1 meant not at all, 2 meant a little bit, 3 moderately, 4 quite a lot, 5 loads and loads. And then one of the questions was, “Do you worry about your health a lot?”. So, How can you answer, “I moderately worry about my health a lot”? “I worry about my health a lot a little bit”? “I worry about my health a lot a lot.” The answers didn't go with the questions.
  • Stephen Fry: You're right. They didn't think it through, did they?
  • David Mitchell: How long did they spend on it? Three minutes? Because if it was four, they're idiots.
  • Alan Davies: My tendency with those things is to put the thing, basically, all the way through the middle. “Do you want to kill children?” Moderately. I don't want to be too much either way.

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Stephen Fry attends the UK Premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness at The Empire Cinema on May 2, 2013 in London, England.

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Stephen Fry: If there is one [tartan] that you most certainly can wear, it is the Royal Stuart, because we can all wear the tartan of our chieftain. And constitutionally Her Maj is our chieftain. And therefore we, if we’re British subjects, can wear it, too. 
Sandy Toksvig: So I couldn’t wear it, then? 
Stephen Fry: You’re not a British subject, are you? 
Sandy Toksvig: No, I’m Danish. 
Stephen Fry: You’re Danish. Is there a Danish tartan? 
Sandy Toksvig: No! 
Stephen Fry: Made of a pastry of some kind. 
Sandy Toksvig: [laughs] Yes, that’s our entire culture in a nutshell. You forgot the porn films, you silly boy! 

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